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Shakori 40 Ultra

Sat December 7, 2024 Pittsboro, NC 27312 US Directions

How It Works

Signing up a team is easy.  The first member of each team will register and create the team name..  Each team member thereafter will sign up and JOIN the team.  Team members are signing up similar to individuals, except they will be on a team.  The reason we do this is there is a specific cost per participant.  Each relay participant is also scored as an individual in the 4 mile results with individual awards.  For example if you run the fastest 4 mile split in the relay, you will be awarded 1st place in the 4 mile individual results.

Team that are not competing to win can now run two runners at a time for their relay.  This will help teams be able to finish quicker so they can enjoy the Shakori experience.  Running your legs together will take you out of any team awards but you will still be able to compete for individual 4 mile split awards.  If you are a team competing to win the overall grand prize money, you will need to run all of your legs relay style.  There will be no teaming up.

  • All relay team members must run a minimum of 1 x 4 mile loop.
  • AGE GRADED: All team times will be calculated based on Age and Sex to even the teams out performance wise.  The fastest team may not be the winner.
  • Team captain or 1 individual from the team must be responsible to pick up team packet.  Team bibs, shirts, camping passes, batons, and add on items, will be stuffed together in one bag for 1 person to pick up. Make sure it's a responsible person.
  • All relay teams members will have their own personal bib associated with their name and age. You must wear your bib and also carry your team’s baton with the chip in it.
  • All relay teams must wear the bib they are issued.  Each person on each team gets 1 bib.  You can run in ANY ORDER you choose, but you must wear your bib and have your baton.
  • Your relay baton is your timing chip. You must carry your baton the entire race and hand it off to the next person. You baton must cross the checkpoint and finish line. If you lose your baton, you are disqualified.
  • There is 1 trophy for the winning relay + $800.00.  There is a Gross (Fastest time) award for $200 The winning team will get their name engraved on the trophy which will be passed along each year.
  • Aid Station – there is 1 around the half way point with Water, Gatorade, Gels and Bananas. The 2nd Aid Station would be the event camp site.
  • HANDICAP - Each individual is handicapped which is applied to the overall team's handicap.  For example: if you are a 50 year old female you have a 24% handicap.  Because you are part of a team that has 10 legs or a 10 person team, you bring your teams handicap down from 100% (which is 0 handicap) to 97.6%.  Now your overall time is multiplied by .976.  The more people on your team with a handicap, the lower your overall team's handicap score will be.  This takes a lot of strategic thinking, its not all about the handicap, and it is not all about being the fastest either.  Handicap percentages below.
      Women + 10% added to the below
      9 and under 10%
      10 - 9%
      16-39 - 0%
      40 - 1%
      41 - 2%
      42 - 3%
      43 - 4%
      44 - 5%
      45 - 6%
      46 - 7%
      47 - 8%
      48 - 9%
      49 - 10%
      50-54 - 14%
      55-59 - 18%
      60-64 - 21%
      65-69 - 26%
      70+ - 30%


  • There is no specific order your team has to run, however the first person from each team will need to check in your team before the race start.
  • Each team has a baton, you must complete the race with your baton
  • Each runner's first leg will count toward their overall 4 mile time. For example if you are running 2 legs of the relay, legs 1 and 6, your first leg will be the one that counts toward the 4 mile overall results (even if 6 is faster)
  • Each runner must run with a chipped bib and their team's baton
  • Handicaps will be added to the team's times throughout the day. The lower the handicap, the more time off the team will receive at the end. For example 89 means 89% of the overall time:)
  •  Any changes to your team must be submitted prior to the race or your team is subject to DQ.

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